Personalized Training Assignments

Every personalized assignment is at least 200 words long and based on your kinks, limits, and desires. Whether you want private or public play, humiliation or guidance, detailed instructions or difficult tasks with a punishment hanging over your neck if you fail, everything I do is tailored to your satisfaction.

$20 for 1 assignment

$50 for 3 assignments

Chat Sessions *NEW*

Chat sessions come in 20-minute intervals and focus on jerk off and humiliation instructions. All sessions are text-only and take place via Google Hangouts

$50 per session

Custom Audio Clips

I’ll read your script or write one of my own based on your input. Whether you want a JOI, CEI, humiliation, tenderness, or something entirely your own, I’ll be the voice that makes you shiver.

$25 Base + $10 per minute


Do you have a fantasy unlike any other or a sexy story in your head that you can’t get just right on paper? I can bring your fantasy to life, in a story written just for you.

$30 per page

Chastity Training *NEW*

For the subs that know they should be locked up but can’t do it on their own, I am now offering chastity training. Whether you just need a strong woman to tell you when you’re permitted a release or you’re a chronic masturbator who needs help to get your life under control I’ll keep you locked up, releasing you on my schedule and my terms.

$75 per week or $250 per month

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