Do you dream of having a dominant woman’s dirty panties? Of course, you do, that’s why you’re here, after all. Maybe you want to press them up to your face or wrap them around your little cock while you jerk off. Or maybe you want to wear them yourself. Whatever pervy, little fantasy you’re harboring, now you can make it happen.

I’ll wear each pair of panties during one 60-minute workout before sealing them in a zip lock bag and mailing them to you. Each pair of panties will come with a verification photo and a handwritten note.

$50 per pair

+$25 for each additional 60-minute workout


Perhaps you want something more intimate. How about a pair of panties I’ve come in, over and over again while riding my boy? These panties are stained with my juices from at least three earth-shattering orgasms. These panties also come with a verification photo and handwritten note.

$150 per pair