Dating Profile Editing

I know not every sub is happy booking sessions with a pro-domme to meet their needs. Most of you, if not all of you are hoping to one day to date, maybe even marry, a woman who will also be your domme.

I get a lot of messages from subs saying the same thing that my male friends, both kinky and vanilla, always say. They bemoan how hard it is to meet women online.

I know why you’re not getting anywhere with online dating. For 99% of guys, it comes down to two issues. Either their profiles are terrible, or they turn women off with bad first messages.

Before I was a pro-domme, I wrote and edited dating profiles. But the worst dating profile anyone ever hired me to fix was still better than half of the profiles belonging to the people who message me now. Let that sink in. A full half of all people who contact me on a daily basis have profiles worse than the worst profile I ever dealt with in career of fixing bad dating profiles.

I see a lot of subs struggling with this, and it’s frustrating for everyone involved, so I’m going to start doing dating profiles again.

Here’s how it works:


  1. After you book me to help fix your profile, I’ll send you my guide on how to write an eye-catching profile.
  2. Use the guide to write the first draft of your new profile.
  3. I’ll review it and send you notes on how to improve it.
  4. Use my notes to write a second draft.
  5. I’ll review your second draft and send more notes to finalize your profile.
  6. Make the final changes and send it back to me.
  7. I’ll proofread and edit your final draft and send it back to you.
  8. I’ll also include tips on improving your profile photos


Profile Editing Service: $225  Summer Sale Price $125

Contact me using the form below to begin.