Why Am I So Busy?

Why Am I So Busy This Week

The day got away from me and I nearly missed this one. Heads up, there’s going to be a lot less pep this week. I’m so busy because a lot of people just kind of suck. On top of working as a pro-domme, I have two other jobs, three if you can’t my non-sexy freelance work. And a sizable amount of my time was spent dealing with potential clients who had a lot of questions, needed a lot of individual attention, and then dropped off the face of the earth!

Now, when you’re freelancing, you expect a certain amount of client attrition. Not every person who contacts you will turn into a paying client but when you have people who say, “Yes, do it.” and then disappear, you as a freelancer take a huge hit, financially. You invested time in the client, you may even have already begun the work. If you’re not freelancing full time, you work when your schedule allows it.

So I got more than the usual number of those winners this week, who wasted a lot of my time (and by extension money). All that time I put into those projects could have been put into writing my book or finding a cover artist or just taking a fucking break. Add in that one of my “job-jobs” relies heavily on tipping and few key big-ticket customers felt that tipping was optional and now it’s the end of the month and I’m scrambling to pay rent, bills, and my student loans debt.

We’ll see if I keep up the page and seeking out new pro-domme clients are just going back to doing sessions with clients I’ve already established a relationship with. I really like being a domme and I like making people happy but this endeavor is turning into an absolute time suck and a major drain on my energy and resources.

/rant concluded/


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