Why Am I So Busy?

Why Am I So Busy This Week?

I can’t believe it’s time for this again. I guess that’s what happens when you have a lot of plans and not a lot of time. So, why am I so busy this week? A big part of it was catching up from being sick last week. A lot of just being a functioning human got put on the back burning because germs. I’m (nearly) back to 100% this week so I’ve been catching up on all the things I’ve missed. I had several panty orders last week I wasn’t able to prepare and send out. The soon-to-be recipients have been contacted and have been super accommodating. Thanks guys, you know who you are.

I’ve also managed to make headway on the dating book! Yes, the all-consuming book. Are you tired of hearing about it yet? It’s a few thousand words longer and I’ve even got a few of the sections polished (dare I say finalized?). The project has reached a point where I’ve started some of the non-writing work, including the finding a cover artist. If you know someone, drop me a line.

New Task of the week will go live tomorrow. That get’s me thinking about a whole mess of other things that are keeping me busy but for not let’s suffice to call it website stuff. I’m also busy because of website stuff.

That’s it. Gotta run, millions of things to do. That being said, It’s officially Summer in Chicago and I’d love to put a few more kinky projects on my plate this week to finance some new outfits and an adventure or two.


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