The Loneliness of a Diaper Fetish

One day I may write something longer on this subject but for now, this will have to do.

Since actively beginning my search for new clients, I’ve received a number of kind and thoughtful messages from subs telling me how their diaper fetish had always made them feel alone but my blog has. I’m amazed that what I’ve written here so far has helped people but I’m incredibly grateful for these messages and want to say even if you never book a single service with me, if your struggling with your fetish and my writing helps you feel okay about yourself, I’m elated. 

Fetishes by their nature are weird (but even sex is kind of weird if you think about it long enough) and a diaper fetish is particularly unusual. But being unusual doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it just means there aren’t that many of us out there. Being unusual, however, does sometimes mean other people react poorly to it. Even within kink circles, I’ve seen otherwise very open-minded people become very cool and exclusionary towards diaper fetishists. Somehow, people who are very anti-kink shamming lose their voices in these moments. Seeing this attitude online or in local communities has probably lead a lot of to feel even more self-conscious about our shared fetish.

So, I want to say something we could all stand to hear more. If you like to wear diapers or you like to see other adults, of legal age, wear diapers it’s a little weird. But that’s okay! In my experience, all the most interesting people are at least a little weird.

If you’re ever feeling bad about any of your kinks ask yourself:

  • Is my fetish hurting me?
  • Is my fetish hurting anyone else?
  • Am I neglecting other parts of my life because of my fetish?
  • Am I violating any laws?
  • Am I being unsafe?

If you can honestly answer no to all of those questions, try not to worry so much and do what makes you happy even if it’s a little weird.

If the answer to any of the questions is yes, you should take a step back and evaluate why you’re making the decisions you’re making and consider seeking professional help. There’s no shame in asking for help.

Remember to always play safe, sane, and consensual and try not to take yourself too seriously. Besides the government definitely already knows what kind of porn you like so don’t worry about it.





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