Why Am I So Busy?

Why Am I So Busy This Week?

I feel like I just did this. So why am I so busy this week? We’ll after a crazy long weekend full of work, I had Monday off (Yeah!) I also got sick (Boo). I guess that’s what happens when you have to deal with literally hundreds of different people in the course of your day. And of course, I was back to the grind on Tuesday.

I’ve started to feel a little better today which is good but I feel like being sick took a big chunk out of my writing time. I made a little progress on my dating book but not nearly as much as I would have liked. It’s currently around 20 pages and I keep finding I need to add more sections. It’s a how-to guide to online dating in part but I’m also finding I need to include a lot of philosophy of dating in the 21st-century stuff in order for the book to make sense and not just be a list of rules without any justification. It’ll be as streamlined as possible when it’s available, I promise.

What else? So much else including a new thing I want to try for the website that’s going to launch tomorrow, so I should get back to work.


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