Long Weekend



What a weekend. I had planned to have some sexy time with my sissy but instead, I clocked nearly 40 hours at various jobs over the last three days. Now I have a rare day off. After getting to sleep in for two glorious hours, I did my morning workout, caught up on messages from over the weekend, updated my Tumblr & blog (hi), and of course, worked on the book.

What can I say? No rest for the wicked.


Maybe my day off is really just another kind of work day but at least it’s work I enjoy. I’ve got so many big things planned. Stay tuned, sissies, I’m working as fast as I can.
Also the last pair of panties from the auction shipped today! There was some interest in another auction, I may be doing that in a few weeks. I think next time, rather than multiple pairs of panties I think I’ll auction off one extra special pair. In the meantime, did you see? I’ve got panties for sale, so you don’t have to wait until the next auction if you want a pair.


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